A general sunken ant pattern developed to represent a drowned ant. A durable winner on stream! Tied on #16 down to #24 with a choice of tungsten, plastic or glass bead.

R 25-00 


One of my signature patterns, tied on a #6 or #8 streamer hook with handmade fur seal dubbing brush, marabou and french partridge soft hackle. This pattern will be a real winner at lakenvlei and other local stillwaters.

Price: R30-00

Another collaboration between myself and friend Ed Herbst, this hopper pattern makes use of one of my signature tube bodies. The tube body is completely hollow and once tied to the hook forms a air chamber making the hopper super bouyant. The body has a very lifelike appearance. Tied on a HANÁK H230BL hook.

Price: R25-00 per fly

A mini version of the Zonkybug, this fly is ideal for trout and yellowfish. Tied on #6 or #8 superstrong streamer hook and a tungsten eye. Lots of movement from the natural materials and light play from flash blend dubbing. A good choice for our local waters.

Price: R 35-00 per fly

This beetle is a collaboration of ideas between myself and South African small stream trout legend Ed Herbst. It is based on Eds Tuftback beetle which imitates the various monkey beetles (family Scarabaeidae) that we find in the fynbos region of the western cape. I added a suitable wing material to imitate the beetles natural tendency to extend its underwing from under the elytra when it has fallen onto the water. Instead of front legs, I added a dubbing blend at the thorax. The natural beetle viewed from below the surface seems to keep its front legs very close to its body while keeping its strong and long hindlegs extended. The main component of the beetle is the foam underbody and the foam elytra which has the tuft of sighting material pulled through. It is available in the monkey beetle colour spectrum and tied on a HANÁK H500BL hook which keeps the beetle stabilized on the surface.

Price: R25-00 per fly.

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